Standing tall on top of the Hollywood sign overlooking the city of Los Angeles I could not help but be reminded of how God led me here. In just 6 months He led me to quit my dream fashion job, leave my incredible community of amazing friends, + move from my favorite city to somewhere completely new. So here I am, in the bright sunshine state of California.

It’s official, I am an Angeleno [is that really a thing?]. In the last month God has shown me just how much He truly was right… I was MEANT to be here! Although I gave up everything I loved to follow on pure faith, I can say with confidence that He has me here for a purpose. As these next months + years unfold I am so excited for the road ahead.

Today, I encourage you that if you are ever doubting or unsure of yourself… ask God where He wants  you + what He wants you to do. I promise you one thing is for sure, He is never wrong. Ask yourself: What gives you the ultimate sense of peace? If you feel you are called to jump, then JUMP!

I hope this post serves as some encouragement for those of you on the edge of the discovering the next big question mark in your life. Remember one last thing… even if you make the wrong decision, God will still work through all things to make it right! Take some pressure off of yourself + just follow your gut instinct. I promise you will be so glad that you did!


Shorts: Nike | Top: Lululemon [also love] | Hat: ASOS | Shoes: Nike | Denim: Levi

Photos by Frank Del Corral

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