The ever anticipated last + final leg of my trip across America ended with the ever so fabulous GRAND CANYON. This place brought me to tears. Truly, I have never witnessed anything so grand + beautiful. I spent hours after pondering the existence of this great place… +

 then I just realized that quite honestly the only way it can be explained is by a miraculous work from God. Seriously! There are so many articles contradicting one another about the true birth of the Grand Canyon, but one thing remains true… it is miraculous + it really cannot be explained by science [at least in my opinion]. God is SO powerful + incredible. The Grand Canyon to me is truly a picture of our GRAND God + his amazing works in nature

. It is breath taking. We had the opportunity to go at sunset and I couldn’t have been more in awe watching the sun hit the clouds + bounce red + orange light off the canyon.

So without further ado, let me talk about my favorite places in the last leg of my trip to Cali!


GRAND CANYON– My recommendation would be to stay here a few days. Hike around it, go up + down the side. It is truly incredible. You can stay in one of the hotels there or go camping. I prefer ‘GLAMPING’ so I would vote for option #1. Take it all in + enjoy! It is truly miraculous + I cannot say enough goodness about this place.

ROUTE 66– I highly recommend driving on the historic route 66 in Arizona. Blast some classic rock + drive like you mean it.

WILLIAMS– If you visit the Grand Canyon, you absolutely must check out the town of Williams. It is an old historic town. Grab some homemade ice cream + step on the side of a historic train for a fun ride.

ANTELOPE CANYON– This is completely on my bucket list still + had I realized it was so close to the Grand Canyon I would have gone. It is stunning! Housed inside great ridges is this beautiful canyon known for it’s gorgeous wave like walls, beautiful light beams, + waterline falling sand. You also need to see Horseshoe Bend while you are at it as well!


The next + final stop was the grand LAS VEGAS baby! I have only been to Vegas twice, once when I was 13 + once for a work trip so I was so anticipating spending my last night on the road trip in such a FUN + over the top city. The perfect way to celebrate the end of the most amazing road trip of our lives! Also, we were totally blessed because we arrived extremely late + yet was upgraded to a giant s

uite overlooking the strip at the Hard Rock Hotel!


The WYNN– This hotel is a favorite of mine to eat, shop + have cocktails at… meaning it is basically the best for it all. The Parasol bar is a fun, colorful bar serving delicious cocktails + nightly entertainment.

POOLS– There are a number of amazing pools in Vegas. This is basically all you should do during the day if you go to Vegas. Sunshine, music + yummy cocktails- yes please!

COSMOPOLITAN– Shopping at the Cosmo puts you in a light mood. It will make you feel prim + proper, so I suggest you definitely check it out eve if it is just window shopping + pretending what you can afford.

BELLAGIO BRUNCH- My dear friend Cambria mentioned this to me + I immediately got excited. What sounds better than dressing up to sit outside + watch the fountains dance over a sparkling mimosa?

Finally after crossing the ever so hot hot hot Mojave Desert, we made it to the California state line + I just about peed my pants in excitement [not to mention played the Phantom Planet ‘California’ song on repeat]. I mean, 3,800 miles later we were finally getting to California! It was a trip full of challenges + incredible happenings, but most of all it was a beautiful time spent experiencing the beauty of our country + taking in all the marvelous creations God has placed in America. I couldn’t have loved it more. I am so grateful to my dearest friend Cambria for being such a sister to me on this trip. She is truly a gem + if you ever want to get to know someone like a sister, stick them in a car with you for 7 whole days. I would do it again in a HEARTBEAT!

We will have memories that will last a lifetime. I urge you to do the same! Please message me if you have any questions or want any input on taking a cross country trip.

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