Part 2 of my across America road trip was absolutely STUNNING. We drove through the Rockies + the beautiful desert to Santa Fe. What a beautiful transition from the mountains to red rock mountains + desert. Lovelies, you have to go to the Rockies, they are stunning. Although my little mini coop could barely handle the up + down hills + turns, it was simply glorious just driving. Here are my fav to do’s in this part of the country!


CARHENGE-Sorry to all my Nebraska folks, but there was not a whole lot to see here in Nebraska. About the best thing we found was something called CAR HENGE, a replica of Stonehenge but made with, CARS?!

shorts + vest + top + shoes+ sunnies


ROCKIES– The rockies are glorious. Whether in the summer or winter, they are a must see. Try out Breckenridge for a small town cute feel or step on over to Vail. You will be stunned! Also, please rent a car + just take in all the scenery as you drive along the mountainsides. This was one of my favorite parts of the entire trip.

16th STREET MALL– This adorable outdoor mall strip is so cute + charming right in downtown Denver. Grab a yummy coffee [iced in the summer, hot in the winter] + walk down the beautiful quaint streets.

TAKE A BREWERY TOUR- Although I didn’t get the chance to go on a brewery tour, I have heard this is a MUST in Denver. There are so many great breweries

LITTLE MAN ICE CREAM– They make their OWN waffle cones on site…+ it is housed in what looks like a gigantic old milk bottle. I mean, if that isn’t enough? They also have vegan!

THE SOURCE– A really incredibly cool concept of collective food + artisans in a beautiful old brick building.



LA POSADA DE FANTA FE-This INCREDIBLE boutique style hotel was the perfect setting for a night in Santa Fe. It was gorgeous + with tons of little Santa Fe apartment style homes covering the grounds + beautiful pottery + gardens all mixed in. I have to say, after a long day of driving this hotel was magnificent to come home to. Shoutout to this beautiful spot + the wonderful people at this hotel that made us feel right at home!

HISTORIC PLAZA– Walk around this historic plaza filled with gorgeous artisan spots + lovely artwork. Pottery + turquoise galore, there are so many beautiful things to see in the Santa Fe Historic Plaza.

CHEZ MAMOU-This adorable French inspired coffee shop sweetly surprised us the morning of our departure. It was perfectly kept + quaint + had their own freshly made macaroons.

THE SHED– If you visit Santa Fe, you just must eat the Mexican food, you MUST. The Shed was so perfect + delicious. Incredible margaritas of all shapes + sizes plus the most delicious mexican fare.

BREAKING BAD HOUSE– Just an hour South of Santa Fe is Albuquerque home of the INFAMOUS breaking bad house. I am not afraid to admit that I was a HUGE fan + lover of this show… so naturally knowing we were passing it I had to make a very necessary pit stop at this epic location.

Come back for part 3 of my cross country road trip this week!

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