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Recently I completed a cross country roadtrip composed of 3,800 miles, a whole lot of soul searching, + some incredibly amazing memories. After deciding to move across the country [from NYC to LA] I made an another life-changing decision: to road trip across America + stop at the most beautiful places in the process.

 My dear friend Cambria decided to join me… + so we embarked on 6.5 days of pure adventure across the US!!!

The first 2 days of our trip included the beautiful Midwest- from NYC to Chicago to South Dakota. Whilst dealing with a flat tire, being extremely sick + almost dying in a tornado, we still managed to have some of the BEST memories these first 3 days. I decided the best way to tell these memories was with a photo diary + highlights of my favorite places.


THE BEAN– This site was spectacular. You absolutely MUST go when you come to Chicago. It is simply fun to see + such a unique part of Millennium Park

MILLENIUM PARK- The heart of the city is in this very park. Not only was it completely pristine, but it was incredibly beautiful + boats huge walking paths overlooking the water.

NAVY PIER– a beautiful pier overlooking the water + featuring tons of shopping, concerts, cruises, entertainment, + incredible parks

THE LITTLE GOAT– Although due to a flat tire malfunction we were never able to go to this amazing restaurant, it certainly still makes the top of my list for things to do in Chicago! breakfast is served ALL DAY.



After Chicago we made a pit stop in lovely Sioux Falls, South Dakota to visit my beautiful best friend Sarah at her incredible new home. Sarah just got married to her dream man, Chad, + together they built an incredible home on a LAKE which was simply stunning. Shoutout to Sarah + Chad for being such an inspiration in my life + for hosting us at their beautiful new home.

FALLS PARK- The park that coined the name Sioux Falls. This gorgeous park is nothing less than a beautiful site right in the center of downtown Sioux Falls. It is truly peaceful + especially beautiful in the summertime. In the winter it is lit up with incredible lights!

BADLANDS NATIONAL PARK-The Badlands Park is home to some of the oldest + richest fossils in the world. It is also one of the COOLEST places to see in person. One of my favorite moments on the trip was getting out in the middle of the Badlands + hearing complete silence.

MOUNT RUSHMORE– One of the most random yet coolest monuments in the US. This site is undeniably interesting. I have to say, I was not looking forward to it too much, until we actually rounded the top of the Black Hills mountains and the beautiful site was revealed in all its glory. It was stunning. Did you know it took 14 years to carve? MVP site on the trip, it exceeded my expectations!

Stay tuned for the next two cross country road trip posts + even more beauty + fun!

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