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Hi lovelies! My sincerest apologies for being so completely absent the last two weeks. I have some HUGE news- I am now officially a California girl! [cue Katy Perry song] I have absolutely loved my time in NYC, but I have felt God calling me to new challenges. After months of consideration, I decided to follow His lead and move from NYC to Los Angeles. The city of Angeles was calling my name, + I could not be more excited about the adventures that lie ahead in this state of sunshine!

Before diving into my crazy awesome cross country road trip, I wanted to first do a quick shoutout to my amazing soul city, New York. I have lived in NYC for the last 3 years + it truly has been a dream come true. I moved to my dream city, scored my dream fashion job, + was surrounded by the most amazing and inspiring friends. It was no easy decision to leave NYC.

In this final Ode to NYC, I will talk about some of my absolute favorite things about NY!

1- The PEOPLE.

Ahh yes the people of NYC. You either love them or you try to avoid them at all possible cost. But for me, I grew to truly LOVE the culture of this rambunctious city. Sure, you will sit on the subway + no one will never make eye contact with you, but as time goes on you realize how the people of New York band together. I’ve dropped my wallet before and people have picked it up and brought it to me. That seems so rare in NYC, but it does happen! The people in this city are adventurous, determined, cultured, + have deep soul. I will miss all you New


You know who you are and you KNOW you made my life here SO precious. In a final goodbye I had a going away party + my dearest friends came to celebrate. These individuals have impacted my life insurmountably. They have been there for me in the lowest of lows to come bring me comfort [or some chocolate] , + have been there to throw me a congratulatory girls night for achieving my next dream. I cannot say enough about each one of the individuals who have impacted my life in NYC. I LOVE you all, + could not have gotten through this journey without you. I may be halfway across the U.S., but that doesn’t mean I am not here in spirit for each one of you. I will always be here. I LOVE you guys.



Trinity grace church is an incredible community. I went to the Chelsea parish pastored by AJ [incredible + so inspiring!]. This community truly challenged me, brought me comfort, + loved me through my NY journey. I cannot say enough about the incredible imprint this church has left on my life. If you are ever in NY, you definitely must visit this incredible community!

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Oh NY, NY, the city of crazy cool fashion + lots of black. From the tents at Lincoln Park to the ships lining 5th avenue, I just completely live for NYC fashion. Making a stop at Barneys and then the Plaza hotel will never seize to bore me. The fashion is so electric. Some of my favorite little shops you MUST see are Otte, What Goes Around Comes Around, Catbird, Awoke Vintage, Ina, + of course Barneys New York.

5 – FOOD.

It comes as no surprise that NYC is filled with the most delicious up + coming foodie spots. The city of Manhattan is chock full of new restaurants on every corner. There is almost no way one can try them all… But I certainly ventured to try as many as possible. Some of my favorites include Maison Kayser, Balthazar, Tartine, UVA, The Butchers Daughter, Freeman’s, Mari Vanna, WILD, and the Meatball Shop. Of course there are SO many more.. But these are undoubtedly my top picks.

the butchers daughter


Once you really get to know NYC, you realize how many incredible places there are around the city. New York is filled with different neighborhoods from West Village to the Upper East side. The places in each of these hoods characterize NYC into one of the most eclectic + unique cities. Central Park and the MET on the UES will always be at the top of my list.

All in all, New York, New York you were everything I could have ever dreamed of + more. Keep being amazing. This is not goodbye… just until next time.

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