We all know it + love, the night you get all glammed up to meet your prince charming… DATE NIGHT! As it turns out, I have not had any crazy date nights lately [yes I am single!], but I certainly fantasize about what my fabulous outfit may look like if I was going on a lovely date.

One thing is for sure, you want to show your personality at least slightly through your outfit. I always tend to go for the more classic with a touch of drama in my date night looks. You want to feel beautiful + lovely, but not look over the top dramatic or sexy. I think a long jumpsuit with a strappy sandal or a cool fitted long dress with a dramatic heel are SO perfect to show your man that you are dynamic [the ultimate #ootn]. Whatever you do ladies, do not overdo it! Be yourself, feel comfortable, + look fabulous on your date night!

Has anyone been on some stellar dates lately?

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