It’s official. The most beautiful, bubbly, fresh season is upon us. It’s SPRING lovelies! I have rounded up my absolute spring essentials based on the ultimate spring 15 trends this season,

First off it is WIDE LEG PANTS. The lovely 70’s trend is back in full force, + I have to say, with the perfect pair of heels this trend can make you look extra tall + thin. 

Leather jackets, with color blocking or fringe to spice it up. Everyone needs a classic leather jacket for the season + these are especially perfect. I even encourage you to buy a light colored leather jacket. 

The shoe of this season is a throwback to a couple of decades ago. Clog it up! This trend specifically goes back to the ages of flower children + peace signs. Put on some Beatles + clog it out!

Lace + embroidery is so feminine + pretty. In a beautiful top, this accent works especially well. Pair it with a good wide leg denim or high wasted pant for the perfect look.

The bucket bag is a new goodie that started making its way into trend last Spring. This spring, everyone is all about it. If you don’t have a bucket bag, you are missing out! They are easy to carry, covenant, + simply quite adorable.

The lipstick color of the season is non other than flaming lip colors. Corals, pinks + shades of red. Add them to a neutral outfit to spice it up. Lip colors should compliment + 

My dears, there you have it! My absolute favorite spring 2015 items of the season. Overall, I have to say this spring there is an overall trend to embrace your inner flower child self! With that said, peace out lovelies!

Bisous Bisous -K



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