My dears, I must admit, I really really do have an obsession with sunnies. There is something so chic about putting on sunnies no matter what you may be wearing. Dressing up, dressing down, going to the gym… sunnies are appropriate for every occasion! That is why I felt it necessary to detail for you my absolute favorite sunnies to date. 

Also, please take a look at my last outfit post where I feature my favorite new eyewear website DITTO! They have an incredible eyewear program where you can get endless sunnies to your home for a small fee each month. Netflix for sunnies? Sign me up! See it all HERE!

Bisous Bisous -K


Everyone needs a go to black sunny, + this one does just the trick. I prefer over-sized statement frames + these Karen Walkers are absolutely stunning. They also fit most face shapes which is also perfect! The name says it all, these frames are clearly ‘number one’!


This statement tortoise shell matte frame is quite the statement maker. It is a bit too large for my face, yet still just right. Although I can’t smile uber big in these frames, they certainly make any outfit feel just a bit more incroyable!


These new rosie frame glasses are new to the addition, I quite love them because they are neutral + yet colored all at the same time. The frame shape is also much more delicate and lovely compared to some of my other statement frames.


I LOVE these clear frames. They are absolutely the perfect addition for summer. I could not be MORE in love with them. The name makes me giggle, but I have to say I do feel a bit more sassy when I put on these clear glasses. They have a bit of a mystical purple undertone which I also adore. Summer is right around the corner + I will certainly be wearing these clear babes all the time!


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