It is my absolute pleasure to introduce the dashing, oh-so talented Louisa of The Life Observed. This lovely woman has impacted my life greatly over the last 8 months. I met Louisa through a mutual friend, Larz of Living Like Larz, + immediately knew this sweet, caring, beauty needed to be my friend. Not only is she incredibly kind, she simply takes the BEST photos. Her photography skills coupled with her incredible editing is pure magic.

TLO provides quality, amazing black and white prints. All edited + make in the UES, NYC! Right now TLO is offering 8 different unique + beautiful NYC prints that come in 4 different sizes. ‘Endless’ + ‘Glory’ happen to be my favorite right now but they are ALL simply beautiful. The smallest print starts as low as $35! Also, the lovely Louisa is offering 15% off purchases when you use the code NYMADE at checkout! Oh YES!

When I think about a young lady who just simply loves the world, cares for people around her, is so gentle, has the kindest of hearts, is ridiculously talented, + is even blessed with an entrepreneurial mind… that is when I think of Louisa instantly! This woman inspires me and is doing so much at such a young age. She is a go-getter, but is so incredibly humble + sweet in the process. I am beyond thrilled that this print studio has come to life as something she can truly call her own. Her talent amazes me!! With all that said, do yourself a favor + get an amazing black + white TLO print for your little house or apartment.

PS. Check out Louisa’s blog here at The Life Observed [I am personally obsessed!].

Bisous Bisous -K


  1. EVERYTHING you said about my beautiful niece Louisa is absolutely true! Thank you so much for kicking off this momentous day for her with such a lovely post. Your generosity of spirit is evident. She deserves all of the good fortune that is coming her way. Shop TLO today everyone b/w photos from Louisa Wells-blessed with a good eye and a good heart! Madly Mignon love, love, love the white handbag and jewelry-oh my! Will be on the hunt! 🙂 sjc

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