Welcome to the beginning of fashion week..or shall I say fashion month? If you have ever been to fashion week you know there are a few tips of the trade… bring a large bag + pack for every sort of emergency. Stay hydrated, freshen up, moisturize, cleanse, + primp yourself in between each + every show… it’s the taxi beauty salon as I like to call it. 

Some of my favorite go to key items for fashion week are items that will literally STAY on ALL DAY, like the infamous Stila stay all day lipstick. It can literally last ip to about 8 hours without moving a millimeter. Apply some soft lips underneath + your lips stay hydrated + perfectly polished. Don’t forget to cleanse yourself too! I resort this this incredible Jao refreshing hand sanitizer to apply on my hands to feel fresh + get that NYC grime off of my hands. Also, my biggest secret to looking fresh all day long, is Boots No.7. Just about any of their makeup or cleansing products are incredible. This amazing Protect & Perfect Foundation is all you need to stay, well, PERFECT all day long. Now, don’t even get me started about hair… my Oribe dry texture spray goes with me everywhere. At all times you can find this little sugar chilling in the bottom of my purse. This product is brilliant for extra volume + texture. It is like making your hair into a mound of clay + then shaping it into what you want it to be. I. LOVE. IT. Don’t have time to shower? No problem because ththes incredible Oscar Blandi volume spray acts like the perfect dry shampoo- yes please!

Needless to say,  prep yourself for fashion week or for any longer day you have ahead of yourself. Welcome Fashion Week Fall 2015, I am ready for you!

Bisous Bisous -K 

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