Hi lovelies! This season SUEDE is something to embrace. Leather is great + all… but SUEDE leather has something extra special. It’s got that intrigue factor! Those multiple dimensions + colors you get from suede you simply cannot get from other kinds of leather. This upcoming season, suede is popular in ALL forms. Shoes, handbags, jewelry, jackets, hats pants, skirts, dresses, + even tops.  I have rounded up all of my key go-to SUEDE loves above.  I mean, can we just talk about those suede blue booties for a second? You need those in your closet for spring. And how about those amazing Stuart Weitzman over the knee boots? Wear those all the way until summer with cute flowy dresses or even in the winter with tights + layers. Even suede dresses [like this PINK one] should not freak you out. I promise you, take a risk this season with your suede. You do not have to go the conventional route!


  • Always protect your suede with a Water and Stain protector.. don’t be afraid to go out into the rain if your suede is treated properly!
  • Mix suede with other interesting elements like denim.
  • Wear suede in non conventional colors.. like pastels!
  • Mix suede with some of your vintage western wear [also a trend this season!]

There you have it my lovely friends, Suede in a whole new way. Be innovative this season + do not be afraid to step out into the world of soft, supple, suede!

Bisous Bisous -K

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