Before I begin this post I need you to picture yourself sitting in the comfiest chair at home, reading your favorite book with the most delicious cup o’ joe in your hands. Now I must ask you, would that moment be the same without your handmade, [hand ground] delicious coffee? The answer is simply, no. I am here to tell you, homemade coffee CAN be divine.

Today I come to you with a very exciting introduction! My brother, Brandon, recently took his dreams to a new level and moved to Santa Barbara, CA to become an entrepreneur. He teamed up with his long time pal, Daniel, and together they melded their unique talents to create HANDGROUND. Handground offers a unique specialty coffee grinder that grinds coffee to a consistent level for amazing flavor extraction, + is even 100% sustainable. The best part, the entire grinder was crowdsourced + created by coffee lovers from around the WORLD- say what! The reason I love this product so much, is because the team truly listened to all the coffee lovers to build a product that is easy to use, + truly produces the most consistent grind… + the best tasting cup of coffee! YUM!

This amazing product is launching on Kickstarter TODAY! Click HERE to access the campaign + watch the video. I love supporting creative ventures, + I truly believe in this incredible product! Please do what you can to support this amazing business and help make Brandon + Daniel’s dream a reality by helping them reach their monetary goal!

I also have some AMAZING news! Handground is teaming up with Madly Mignon to giveaway ONE FREE grinder to the lucky winner that applies below. The more entries you sign up for, the more chances you will have to win!

Please support my brother + the amazing team at Handground… coffee lovers + entrepreneurs unite!

Bisous Bisous -K

Photos by Louisa at The Life Observed


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