madly in love: DS STUDIO

I am SO excited to share my absolute new favorite hair care salon: DS Studio! It is so hard to find your go-to hair spot in NYC but I am beyond thrilled that I now have found the perfect gem. Introducing the most incredible organic hair care salon in NYC. Tucked on the corner of 79th street and Park Avenue on the Upper East side, Demetris presents a beautiful hair care studio that truly exceeds expectations.

Recently I went to DS Studio to have a hair makeover! I started with medium brown hair + asked to have ombré blonde highlights and an asymmetrical cut. Demetris not only worked to figure out the best color for me, he even walked me through the entire process step-by step.  At DS Studio they use silk lift in their hair dye. As silk lift lightens the hair, it also has ingredients in the dye to keep the moisture locked in the hair as it is dying the hair. There is also a nitro lipid technology in the dye which recharges the lipid hair and is extremely important for moisture. While all of these terms may seem a bit over your head [as they are for me] I can guarantee that you will leave this studio with hair in perfect condition. No damaging + no dryness- oh- la OUI!

Not only this, but during the hair washing process, I got the MOST lovely head massage [+ even fell asleep for a moment I might add]. Relaxation at it’s finest. I also must admit that I love the ambiance of the entire salon. Bright whites + lights, clean lines with a sort go Grecian feel. 

The last thing I must mention is that at DS Studio they have created a completely organic product line including 11 incredible product all naturally from the Greek Islands. They utilize natural ingredients including Greek Chamomile, Karoneiki Olive 011, + Argan Oil.

Ladies + gents, this is THE place to go get your hair cut, styled + dyed. Go see Demetris + tell him I sent you.. I promise you will get the royal treatment + come out feeling more beautiful than ever.

Bisous Bisous -K

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