It is Novemburrr and it is time to invest in some quality scarves! I am a big fan of the MORE scarves the merrier. They are an amazing accent to your outer look. Also, big cozy cashmere scarves are even more appealing to me lately. I would even take a blanket scarf if it meant I could wrap my whole neck in it during the prime of winter. 

Not only are scarves amazing for you, they are the best present for friends! I LOVE receiving scarves as a gift. They are the perfect outfit add on, + serve a great purpose [especially in crazy cold NY winter!]

Some of my fav scarves above are from JCREW, Madewell, Barneys, and Club Monaco. My advice: stock up on these beauties now before all the cute ones go out of stock. It will be snowing before we know it!

Bisous Bisous -K


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