Paris. La ville d’amour. After living here in college for 5 months and now going back often to visit for work, I thought it would be appropriate to let you lovelies in on some secrets of mine. Here I present to you my Mignon Mémoires, my Parisian city guide.


L’ AVENUE | The ultimate fashion lovers nest. The place to see + be seen in Paris. I am really not kidding… Example: When I was just in Paris, I asked them to sit us outside. They did not have enough room, so they walked us inside and immediately I stood in awe. Ladies I kid you not when I tell you this lovely hostess sat us next to Ms. Anna Wintour herself, the queen of fashion [and also the editor of beloved fashion magazine VOGUE]. I mean, have you seen the Devil Wears Prada? Behind her was Robbie Myers [the editor and chief of Elle]. When I tell you it is wonderful place, I mean it. The food is delicious as well. Please try the butter. Please go to L’Avenue.

ANGELINA | The world’s best hot chocolate. I mean it. I really would not use the world “best” when it comes to chocolate unless I truly meant it. This is no ordinary hot chocolate, this is complete hot chocolate syrup-y goodness in a cup. Located on Rue de Rivoli right by the Jardin des Tuileries. This cup of coco is especially incredibly on a cold winter day. I’m not counting the calories.

COLETTE | The cafe at Colette is absolutely superb. They serve coco-cola in old fashioned glasses. They squeeze fresh juice on site. They also have delicious vegetarian options + adorable servers.

CHEZ JANOU | The little hole in the wall in Bastille. The food here is absolutely delightful. Get their house wine + their cheese plate to start.. you won’t be disappointed. Vegetarian? NO problem, just ask the chef to whip you up something special + I promise you it will be delicious. 

LADURÉE | You cannot go to Paris without having tea + macaroons at my absolute favorite spot. I don’t even care how old lady it is of me, I LOVE ladurée. If you have never had a real french macaroon, do not be afraid. These rainbow colored cookie sandwiches are way more delectable than you could imagine. There is a serious art to making them just perfect [I have tried + failed many a times]. I love the one right on Champs Élysées.

CAFE DE FLORE | The famous spot in Saint Germain, infamously known for Karl Lagerfeld sightings. Catch him here for lunch on the patio, it is his go to spot, and a beautiful one at that. I love the niehgborhood charm of Saint Germain + this restaurant sits with all the good ones.  


HIPPY MARKET | SUCH amazing steals. You literally walk into this store and are not too overwhelmed by the crazy amounts of clothing, but rather you feel a surge of excitement. Finally a vintage store that is not swarming with people, but is equally just as wonderful. I found 3 vintage fur pieces at this lovely location, + the lovely owner even gave me a discount.

KILO | Where you shop by the pound. I mean, you actually find something you love and weigh it and pay for the weight. That means, if you Just so happen to find a vintage leather fringe jacket and it is only 1/3 of a kilo, you pay basically nothing for it [+ yes it is leather]. This is not a joke!

COLETTE | Also mentioned in my foodie spots above, but this store is absolutely incredible. It is a Parisian Barneys girl spot. Also, I am obsessed with the scent in the store, which you can thankfully purchase from them [yes I have the candle + the room spray!]

KILIWATCH | A great thrift store that is kind of like the upscale buffalo exchange of Paris. An amazing place to get some worn pieces. Great steals!

LES GALERIES LAFAYETTE | This store is such an experience. It is truly one of the most beautiful upscale department stores I have ever been in. The gorgeous glass ceiling is enough to make a girl sigh… They have their own brand of product as well as a plethora of amazing French brands. There is even a Zara inside! The shopping experience is absolutely worth the visit.

Last but not least, my guide to having the perfect Parisian picnic.

Yes indeed while in Paris I had the most incredible opportunity to picnic under the gorgeous Eiffel Tower. I did this before, but this time it was different. It was more magical than before. Not to mention, it was a perfect 75 degree blue sky day in Paris..I was in heaven.


1 Baguette

Multi Grain Crackers

Camembert Cheese [the french kind, trust me you should try it! Brie is good, but camembert is the good stuff]

Nutella [to smear over the bread + crackers of course]

Pellegrino or Perrier

A bottle of Rosé

Chocolate shortbread cookies


French VOGUE magazine 

Edith Piaf CD playing in the background

Jambon + Fromage [ham + cheese as the french would say. I am a veggie but if you like meat this is the perfect addition]

There you have it lovelies, my guide to the perfect Parisian picnic. Please do me a favor and if you go to Paris when the weather is nice, take a blanket + park yourself in one of my many beautiful parks. My favorite spots are: La Tour Eiffel, Sacré Coeur, Jardin de Luxembourg, Palais-Royal, Jardin des Tuileries.

Bisous Bisous -K

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