I can’t help it..I have a MAD obsession with pink. The best news? This pink trend is carrying into Fall for all your pink loving needs. That is right, pale pink is not only a beautiful spring/summer color, but it is is now appropriate for FALL! Oooh-là! I love pink whether it be like in a great accent coat [like in this post], or an amazing accent pillow in your home. It’s just a fun way to add some girliness to every day life! Don’t be afraid to add some pink to your life.

Bisous Bisous -K

1. COAT | 2. BAG | 3. CANDLE | 4. SUNNIES | 5. DRESS | 6. BOTTLES | 7. NECKLACE | 8. BRA | 9. LIPS | 10. PILLOW | 11. EARRINGS | 12. NAILS

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