Have you lovelies heard the great news? There is an amazing new platform called like to know it ! You can now easily shop your favorite instagrams, I mean, what could be better? Anytime you like a photo with the www.liketoknowit/ link you will receive an email with links to ALL the products in that outfit. Isn’t that the greatest? Even better, you can change your email preferences to be daily, weekly, or monthly!

Here are more deets below:
1) Register on the like to know it website

2) Like instagram photos with the www.liketoknowit/ link

3) Receive emails with direct product links for all sorts of fashion amazingness.

You can also now reference all of my instagram liketoknowit’s in my sidebar in the place called “shop the feed”. 

I am SO excited to share this with all of you and hope you will love it just as much as I do!

Bisous Bisous -K

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