So I have to tell all you lovelies a little secret… I am absolutely OBSESSED with my new Brooklyn neighborhood. There is so much undiscovered charm in this part of New York. I feel like every corner I turn there is something new and adorable to see… an art gallery, a general store, an organic cookie spot, a vegan ice cream stand… I mean it couldn’t be more perfect. 

Recently I met this amazing lady, Louisa Wells. She is not only one heck of an incredible photographer, but she has an absolute heart of gold. Her photos are fantastic + she is just a wonderful lady to be around. All these photo are courtesy of her + her incredible talent. Check her out at The Life Observed .

On a side note, fringe is totally back in. I found this amazing suede fringe vest in my closet + remember purchasing it for my good friend Jackie’s Woodstock themed birthday party last year. [Note to self: almost everything comes back in style!] Time to go to your favorite neighborhood thrift store and stock up on all the fringe you can!

…and can we just talk about this beautiful rainbow painted wall? [le sigh!]

I could not feel any more thankful right now for everything going on in my life. Recently I met my new amazing friend Larz [through social media!]. She is absolutely INCROYABLE. Seriously. This lady has such an entrepreneurial mind + a spunky, fresh attitude on life. I am so excited to call her a friend and am learning so much by her drive, success + passion. Check out Livin Like Larz immediately, and prepared to be amazed by her take on the world.

Shorts: TOPSHOP | Shoes: Guiseppe Zannoti | Bag: Phillip Lim [similar here] | Vest: Vintage | Top:JCREW [old, similar here]

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