THESE PANCAKES. I mean, have you ever thought you could eat a yummy + sweet pancake and not feel guilty? Well, now you can! These protein pancakes are not only deliciously savory, but also oh-so healthy. The trick? There is absolutely NO real flour in this pancake. Instead, use egg whites, banana, + a dash of protein to create the dough-like substance. 


    1 Cup Egg Whites

    2 Bananas [mashed]

    2 Large Scoops of Protein [I use Raw Protein by Garden of Life]

    2 tbs Almond Milk

    1 tsp Cinnamon


First, mash the two bananas in a large bowl until they are fully mushy. Next, add the almond milk to the bananas + stir together. Then, add the egg whites + protein and stir until you have a batter like substance. Finally, add the cinnamon and any other sweet ingredients you wish [I sometimes add vegan chocolate chips to the mix]

Next, spray a medium size skillet with s little bit of butter or oil [I prefer coconut oil]. Set the heat to medium. Place approximately one cup of batter into the center of the pan. Make sure to watch the pancake closely. Once it begins to bubble and the edges start to brown, flip the pancake and cook the other side a few more minutes.


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