Lately I have been OBSESSED with the new casual chic sneaks trend. It’s true, sneakers are madly cool right now. It is now not only comfortable, but also trendy to wear your fab sneaks with just about any fabulous outfit. Go figure! 

These goldie babes caught my eye online as I was searching for a cute pair of “fancier” sneaks. I love the metallic and perforated leather. It makes me feel fancy while still being total comfortable. (I can’t believe I am going back to good ole fashioned Keds!) I love these golden nuggets.

These shoes are not only the most comfortable things on the planet, but they also double as workout shoes and literally weigh less than a feather (okay not totally, but close…) I wear these babies on my way to work, for a nice jaunt around the city, and to the gym. I LOVE these sneakers. You can even create your own with fabulous colors and patterns. These are a must have.


Slip ons have een a huge hit among designers right now. I love all of the amazing designs from Celine, Givenchy, + more… but honestly I wanted something simple and cool (without the high price tag!). These DV for Dolce Vita slip ons do just the trick. You can dress them up, + they are also perfect for travel. 

Runners: Nike Frees | Golden Sneaks: KEDS | Black Slip Ons: Dolce Vita

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  1. I love that sneakers are in! Makes life a little easier and more comfortable. 🙂 where are your ripped jeans in the first picture from? They’re adorable!


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