I have always been a fan of crafting ever since my parents installed my very own craft room at the age of 10. I love being creative + making things of my own! I hope you lovelies will enjoy my crafting posts which will give you some mignon ideas for gifts and projects you can do at home.

My first DIY is a mason jar gift pack. I am in love with the unique vintage look of mason jars… and let’s face it, just about everyone loves them! I decided it would be awesome to spice up a large mason jar with some metallic paint and fill it with incredible goodies!


Large Mason Jar [I got mine from Hobby Lobby-love this place]

Glass Paint [I used Martha Stewart multi-surface acrylic craft paint]

Sponge Brush


Goodies to put inside the Mason Jar

First, paint the mason jar in fine even vertical straight lines in the color of your choice. I chose mother of Pearl by Martha Stewart to create a sheer metallic effect. 

Examine the jar and go over any spots you missed in the first pass. It is very important to be very careful when doing this as the paint may have a tendency to actually wipe off in these areas if you are not careful!

Lastly, add the goodies to the Mason Jar + Voilà!

I chose a theme of girly pampering for my present [what girl doesn’t love to be pampered?]. I included my favorite chap stick [baby lips!], a small lip stick, anti bacterial lotion, lavendar tea bags, hand cream, a nail file, + my favorite wrap bracelet

2 thoughts on “MIGNON MASON JAR

  1. So cute! I love mason jars too, have a cute little collection. The old blue ones… ahh so good. 🙂

    1. yay I love that you love them too! They are the perfect vintage addition to my house. I love them for flowers vases, cups, or even candles!

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